The following list is linked to the current hazard mitigation plan appendix for each of Salem County’s municipalities. These documents will be updated as part of the current planning process.

  1. Salem County
  2. Alloway Township
  3. Carneys Point Township
  4. Borough of Elmer
  5. Elsinboro Township
  6. Lower Alloways Creek Township
  7. Mannington Township
  8. Oldmans Township
  9. Borough of Penns Grove
  10. Pennsville Township
  11. Pilesgrove Township
  12. Pittsgrove Township
  13. Quinton Township
  14. City of Salem
  15. Upper Pittsgrove Township
  16. Borough of Woodstown

A Preliminary Draft of the updated Base Plan and Appendices will be available in early June 2023 on this tab. This will precede the second round of Working Group meetings which will be announced on the “Meetings” tab